Table X is a modern American restaurant that resists the label “modern American restaurant.” because Table X is about more than serving the best unique food in a beautiful, welcoming environment; it’s about how those two things can come together lớn create a new kind of fine dining experience, one without the all the fuss and without any shortcuts. We serve a tasting menu và everything that comes to lớn your table, from the bread lớn the butter lớn the after-dinner mignardise, was made 100% by hand right here in our kitchen, with fresh or house-preserved ingredients sourced directly from local farms, or better yet, right from our very own garden. So whenever you come khổng lồ Table X, you can trust your experience will be fresh, memorable, and expertly crafted in every sense.

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Did not disappoint! Chef"s tasting was such a fun experience. Every course was delightful. Service was wonderful. These guys know what they"re doing! Thanks Table X!

Google - stavrou L.


We had a great time at Table X. We had the Chef"s tasting menu. Every plate was so delicious. One plate would come & I wouldn"t want it to end, but then the next one came và was just as fantastic. Thanks to the chefs Nick Fahs, David Barboza and Mike Blocher. You have created a rare find in cuisine.

Yelp - Melinda H.

“the best”

Best restaurant in SLC hands down. We go there for multiple reasons & every time have a wonderful time và fabulous food. Chef Nick caters lớn our every request!

Open Table- Breanna N.




Table X was started by a team of chefs who saw a need for something different. After years working in traditional, fine dining restaurants on the East Coast, Nick Fahs & Mike Blocher knew the experience could be – and needed to be – reimagined lớn better meet the needs of today’s guest and today’s planet. & they found Salt Lake đô thị to be the perfect place to attempt this culinary overhaul.

At the bộ vi xử lý core of Table X is the belief that the best food is that which celebrates the Earth, not that which comes off the back of a refrigerated truck. Which is why Table X commits itself to lớn serving hyper- seasonal, ultra-sustainable food of unparalleled quality. We go beyond the traditional farm-to-table experience, letting the bounty of our own backyard garden inspire our ever-changing seasonal menu.

This dining thực đơn is something chef Mike continues lớn elevate, finding new ways khổng lồ source ingredients, preserve them và prepare them, while chef Nick focuses his attention on growing Table X’s new wholesale bakery, while also managing the day-to-day operations. But together, along with their team, they strive lớn craft an experience that both surprises và comforts, with chất lượng dishes inspired by the local landscape that leave you and our environment feeling just a little bit better than before.

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1457 E 3350 South (lower cấp độ south facing entrance)

BAKERY PHONE: (801)-953-0477

email breadorders for large orders / wholesale information

Visit us for coffee, breads, & pastries!

Wednesday-Saturday from 8am-3pm

Our bread is also available at:


Available Everyday!

Downtown: 314 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Holladay: 4673 S 2300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

15th&15th: 516 S 1500 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105



We have a private Garden Dining Room overlooking our vegetable garden. It can accommodate up khổng lồ 14 guests. We can tailor an experience for you và your guests or you can order one of our tasting thực đơn options. The Garden Dining Room is also available for private business clients and events, too.