Bau Cua 5D is the most popular & addictive trò chơi for all ages in Vietnam. Almost everyone knows how khổng lồ play this game.Tools for the game include:+ The first is a chess board consisting of 6 boxes drawing 6 mascots in order from right to left, top to bottom is: nai bau ga ca kua tom.+ Monday: 3 dice with 6 mascot pictures: Bau Cua, Ca Ga Nai.+ Third: aluminum brass or plastic box, optional paper box.- Folk games, with simple - rustic gameplay, in order to lớn play, you put slots on the mascots: placing gourd, placing crabs, placing shrimps, placing fish, placing deer. Shake crab gourd only.- The trò chơi is divided into multiple turns and is not limited to lớn the number and number of players.For the start of a round, three dice are shaken by the dealer (who organizes, manages và operates the game) simultaneously and Their results are confidential. Players place a slot on one or more mascots they want, can place multiple mascots in one turn, and unlimited slots.- When the slot is finished, the dealer opens, announcing the dice results the mascots appear.- If out of the three dice appear the mascot that the player has bet on, they will get back the slot and the dealer must pay the number of chips equal lớn the number of times the mascot appears multiplied by the number of chips (Example: If the player places 1 slot in the fish door, but one fish gets paid 1x slot, two fish are paid x 2 chips, three fish are paid 3x, & get back the number of chips they have placed). If the mascot the player chooses does not appear, the number of cards placed will belong khổng lồ the dealer.With the following features:- The game is completely không tính phí and non-profit- Light download capacity- No ads, no personal rights tracking (such as: location permissions, contacts permissions, Wifi permissions, messages ...)- Completely Offline & no Internet tương tác required.- Intuitive interface, realistic sound imageBenefit :- Playing fish crabs, crabs & fishes helps relieve stress và improves speculation.- When practicing regularly playing crabs, it increases tactics, reasoning and speculating randomly with math.Note when playing crab và shrimp gourd:- The game gourd, crab và fish completely Offline can be entertained, so there is not any khung of transaction or reward exchange.- Should play game moderately crab tom tom 2 hours / day khổng lồ protect health.- Winning in a crab trò chơi - crab does not mean winning in reality.- When playing with groups or socializing, bởi not try to lớn change the moodOur 5D crab gourd is simulated on the Androi platform and simulates realistic on a real game. We are not responsible for any misuse và we always look forward khổng lồ receiving your comments.

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