Centralize remote access for all devices managed by your enterprise — infinitely scalable & securely controlled.

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Offer the best service for your clients and users by getting visibility in your IT infrastructure & ensuring a healthy, stable và secure set-up.

Solve technical problems from anywhere in the world with the help of augmented reality-powered visual assistance.

Empower your frontline workers with augmented reality for higher productivity, lower error rates, and improved workplace safety.

Elevate your digital customer experience for lifelong brand loyalty with next-gen online sales, digital customer service, and video clip consultations.


Get secure & stable remote access to PCs, smartphones, servers, payment terminals and IoT devices – anytime, anywhere.

Get one corporate solution for cross-platform remote connectivity, centralized IT management, và digital-first customer engagement solutions.

Connect and automate technical tư vấn and cửa hàng floor processes along the entire value chain with augmented reality and wearable solutions.

The khansar.net remote connectivity cloud platform enables secure remote access khổng lồ any device, across platforms, from anywhere, anytime.

khansar.net connects computers, smartphones, servers, IoT devices, robots — anything — with fast, high performance connections through our global access network… even in outer space or low bandwidth environments.

Flexible và scalable, the khansar.net remote access and tư vấn platform is the foundation of our suite of software solutions, with countless use cases và prebuilt integrations with popular IT và business applications.

IT security is part of our DNA. Together with internationally recognized security professionals, our expert cybersecurity team ensures the highest security standards for our remote connectivity software và all other solutions.

As a German-based global company, we operate in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), using ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers and an ISO 9001:2015 certified chất lượng management system (QMS).

All khansar.net remote connections are end-to-end encrypted, so that no one can read your data — not even us.

We are a global technology company from Göppingen in southern Germany. With over 1,200 employees worldwide, we recently generated 460 million euros in invoiced sales.

During the last 15 years, we have driven innovation though digitalization made in Germany. In 2019, we celebrated the largest European IPO of the year and our listing in the MDAX.

Through global remote connectivity và digitalizing processes across organizations, khansar.net is committed lớn raising sustainability awareness. Our goal is khổng lồ enable limitless connectivity for individuals & companies of all sizes, from all industries.

With khansar.net, Doro closes the digital gap for seniors so they can live an active và independent life.

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Integration Partners

Integrate khansar.net remote access and tư vấn capabilities with your business applications.