What is the difference between table salt và chemical salt? What are the uses of these salts? Learn more about the chemical formula of salt and the issues surrounding it through the content of the article below.

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1. What is salt?

1.1 Properties and chemical formula of salt

The chemical formula of table salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). Based on this formula, people also hotline table salt as sodium chloride salt, in addition, there are some other names such as sodium chloride salt, halide, và rock salt.


1.2 Applications of table salt

Salt is used to lớn melt ice on highwaysApplication in medicine, health care: Disinfection of wounds, care & cleaning of teeth, treatment of bad breath, preparation of drugs, supply of mineral salts for the body, fluid balance, serum phase, mixing injectable drugs…Food applications: Preserving fish and meat, eliminating fishy odors, increasing flavor, cleaning food, keeping vegetables fresher longer…Application in cultivation và animal husbandry: Making biological products, feed for livestock and poultry, providing trace elements in fertilizers, classifying seeds by weight…

2. What is chemical salt??

2.1 The formula of chemical salt

Chemical salt is a common name for many different salts, divided into 3 groups: acidic salts, basic salts và neutral salts. Some common chemical salt formulas such as: CaCO3, MgCl2, CuSO4, Na2CO3 …

Salt has many different types with different chemical formulas

2.2 Properties of chemical salts

The general chemical properties of chemical salts must include the ability to change the màu sắc of the indicator: red litmus paper.
Acid salt (weak metal cation combined with strong acid anion): litmus paper changes from purple khổng lồ red.
Basic salt (strong metal cation combined with weak acid anion): The litmus paper turns from purple lớn blue.
Neutral salt (strong metal cation combined with strong acid anion): litmus paper does not change color.
In addition, depending on each specific salt khổng lồ have its own properties as well as different applications in life and production.

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With the information that Dr.Muối shared above, you already know the chemical formula of salt và its properties and applications, right? In addition, there is a very useful information that we would like to giới thiệu with you: If you want lớn buy salt-based products, especially salt water mouthwash that is safe, chất lượng and cheap, please tương tác us. Right with Dr. Salt please. Products with a concentration of 0.9% NaCl are safe for all subjects, along with minerals Ca, K, Mg, … khổng lồ help protect comprehensive oral health.