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Starter Unit

Page 4 1. Find and circle the countries in red, the animals in xanh lơ, the food in green, and the seasons in orange. Write four lists.

  1. Korea
  2. Australia
  3. Mexico
  4. camel
  5. zebra
  6. lizard
  7. noodles
  8. bread
  9. meat
  10. fall
  11. winter
  12. summer Countries: Korea, nước Australia, Mexico Animals: camel, zebra, lizard Food: noodles, bread, meat Seasons: fall, winter, summer
  1. Circle the odd-one-out. Write a sentence with the circled word. Circled words:
  1. camera
  2. concert
  3. museum
  4. actor
  5. cave
  6. shout Sentences: Children’s own answers

Page 5 1. Read and underline the adjectives. My name’s Tam. I’m ten and I have long hair. I lượt thích playing chess and drawing pretty pictures. My dad is tall and handsome. He’s also kin d and generous. He likes listening lớn loud music. My mom is always cheerful. She is very funny and she wears pretty 2. Write about you and someone else from your family.

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Children’s own answers

  1. Write
    1. some
    2. some
    3. a
    4. an
    5. some
    6. a
    7. some
    8. a
    9. an

Page 6 1. Look at the table. Answer the question. 1) She’s going lớn visit her aunt. 2) She’s going lớn go lớn the movies. 3) They’re going lớn make a cake. 4) They’re going lớn go lớn a tiệc nhỏ. 5) He’s going lớn vì thế his homework. 6) He’s going lớn play volleyball. 2. Find the word with the same sound. Write. 1) family 2) sound 3) toy 4) oil 5) down 6) light 7) tall 8) shark

Page 7 1. Match the time with the clock. 1) e 2) d 3) f 4) c 5) b 6) a 2. Draw or write the time. 1) It’s six forty. 2) It’s four fifteen. 3)

  1. It’s eight fifty.

  2. It’s three o’clock.

  1. It’s two fifty-five.

Unit 1

Page 8 1. Find and circle the verbs. Then write.

  1. start
  2. finish
  3. love
  4. hate
  5. want
  6. use
  7. live
  1. Read the story. Choose a word from 1. Write the correct word next lớn numbers 1–5.
  1. live
  2. start
  3. finish
  4. love
  5. use

Page 9 1. Read the letter. Choose the right word and write it on the line. 1) didn’t 2) used 3) cooked 4) started 5) didn’t 6) finished 2. Write the answers. 1) No, he didn’t. 2) Yes, he did. 3) Yes, he did. 4) No, he didn’t. 5) No, he didn’t.

  1. Yes, he did.

Page 10 1. Write answers that are true for you. Write Yes, I did or No, I didn’t. Children’s own answers 2. Write things you did and didn’t vì thế last weekend. Children’s own answers 3. Read the tuy vậy in the Student Book. Complete the table. Things I didn’t vì thế on my birthday: I didn’t cửa hàng or cook. I didn’t work. I didn’t swim. I didn’t read a book. I didn’t play computer games. I didn’t go lớn school. I didn’t help my mom at trang chính. Things I did on my birthday: I had a tiệc nhỏ with my friends. I sang trọng and danced all day.

Page 11 1. Match. 1) b 2) d 3) e 4) c 5) a 2. Listen and write. 1) school 2) glue 3) tubes 4) blue 5) flute 6) moon 7) June 8) tune 3. Listen and write. 1) Moon Music. 2) flute 3) boot 4) tubes glue Listening 02 1. Woman Oh hello, Bao. How are you? Boy I’m fine thank you. Woman What did you vì thế last week? Boy Well, I went lớn a music club called Moon Music. 2. Woman Oh, what did you vì thế there? Boy I made things lớn play music with. Woman That sounds interesting. Maybe my son Lam would lượt thích it. What can you make? Boy You can make a flute. 3. Woman Wow! Where is it? Boy It’s near the boot cửa hàng.


Mark And my younger sister Lucy is going to pl ay volleyball with her friend. They lượt thích playing soccer usually, but tomorrow they want lớn do something new. Woman Well, they are all very busy!

Page 16 1. Look at the picture in the Student Book. Match. 1) b 2) c 3) a 4) e 5) d 2. Write a sentence with is , isn’t , are , or aren’t. 1) Nhan is going lớn take some shampoo. 2) Nga and Hoang are going lớn take a camera. 3) Hoang is going lớn take some sunscreen. 4) Nhan isn’t going lớn take any toothbrush. 3. Write. 1) suitcase 2) time 3) vacation 4) take 5) going 6) some 7) photos 8) to

Page 17 1. Complete the word. 1) wood 2) hood 3) book 4) cook 5) wool 2. Listen and write. 1) hood 2) wool 3) good 4) wood 5) book 6) cook Listening 0 4 It’s a very cold day. I have a coat with a hood. I have my wool scarf, And I’m feeling good. I’m sitting on some wood. I’m looking at my book. The book’s very good. It tells mạ how lớn cook. 3. Read and number the pictures. Then write. Pictures from left lớn right: 2, 1, 4, 3 1) wood 2) cook

  1. hood
  2. wool

Page 18 1. Read the text in the Student Book and write. 1) this afternoon 2) tonight 3) tomorrow 4) next week 5) soon 2. Write a short answer. 1) Yes, she does. 2) Yes, it is. 3) No, he isn’t. 4) Yes, she does. 5) No, she isn’t. 6) No, she doesn’t. 3. Read the text in the Student Book. Fill in the correct circle. 1) c 2) b 3) c 4) a

Page 19 1. Where vì thế we use these words in a letter? Circle start or end. 1) end 2) end 3) start 4) start 5) start 6) end 2. Read the gmail. Underline the start words in red and the kết thúc words in xanh lơ. Order the pictures and write the numbers. Picture order: 1, 4 (top row) 2, 3 ( bottom row) Start words (red): Hi, How are you? End words (blue): Bye for now. Write soon. 3. What are you going lớn vì thế on the weekend? Write an gmail lớn Tom. Children’s own answers

Unit 3

Page 20 1. Listen and draw lines.

Listening 0 5 Woman Is this your Dad’s restaurant, Duy? Duy Yes, it is. I know everyone here! Woman Oh really? Who is that server? Duy There are two servers. Do you mean the one holding the menu? Woman Yes, that’s right. Duy That’s Phong. He’s really funny! Woman He has a funny smile. And who is the other server? The one with the salad and the cup of coffee. Duy That’s Thu. She’s nice. I know that family too. Can you see the boy? Woman The one sitting next lớn the bottle of water? Duy Yes. He’s my friend Trung. Woman Is the girl his sister? Duy The girl with the long hair? Woman That’s right. Duy No, that’s his cousin, Vy. Woman Who’s the man at the back? The one reading a book. Is he a customer? Duy No. That’s Nhan. He’s a server. Woman But he’s not wearing a uniform. Duy No, he’s not working right now. 2. Write

  1. uniform
  2. server
  3. customers
  4. menu
  5. bowl
  6. glass
  7. bottle
  8. cup

Page 21 1. Read. Choose the right word and write it on the line. 1) eats 2) eat 3) eating 4) wears 5) wearing 6) sit

  1. sitting
  2. talking
  3. saying
  1. Read again. Write the sentences. Today:
  1. She is eating sandwiches and cake.
  2. She is wearing a pretty dress.
  3. She is sitting at the biggest table in the restaurant. Usually:
  4. She eats pasta and salad.
  5. She wears pants and a T-shirt.
  6. She sits at a small table.
  1. Look at the picture and write.
  1. He usually plays soccer. But today he’s reading.
  2. He usually eats a sandwich. But today he’s eating a bowl of soup.
  3. He usually does his homework. But today he’s staying in bed.
  4. He usually drinks a glass of milk. But today he’s taking medicine.

Page 22 Lesson Three 1. Circle the time markers. Write PP (present progressive) or SP (simple present). 1) sometimes (SP) 2) at the moment (PP) 3) Today (PP) 4) never (SP) 5) right now (PP) 6) always (SP) 2. Write sentences. 1) Giang is playing volleyball right now. 2) He is walking lớn school now. 3) We always visit my grandma on Fridays. 4) Khang and Sue rarely listen lớn the radio. 5) I’m reading a new book today. Lesson Four 1. Listen. Write them in the correct box. Long a: Monday, train, rain, tray, cake, race Long e: happy, feet, leaves, tree, please, key Listening 06 Monday Monday train train happy happy rain rain feet feet tray tray leaves leaves cake cake tree tree please please key key race race

Girl: Yes, I did. I don’t know how lớn play anymore. Woman: You don’t? Why not? Girl: Because I didn’t practice. Woman: Oh. That’s too bad. 3. Woman: There is Nam. He played the guitar. Girl: No, mom. It wasn’t the guitar. It was the violin. Woman: Oh. What was it? Girl: The violin. 4. Woman: Look. The audience is cheering. Girl: Yes. You’re right. We weren’t great, but they cheered and we were very happy. Woman: No, you were great! Girl: Thanks mom. 2. Listen lớn the passage. Fill in the correct circle.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B Listening 0 8 Some schools in Viet Nam have concerts for Teachers’ Day. This is a way for students lớn say thank you lớn their teachers. Children practice playing instruments for days or weeks before the concert. Children who vì thế not play music can dance or sing instead. Sometimes, the school has a stage for the day. The teachers sit in the audience and cheer.

Page 29 1. Read the question and match. Underline was, were , and words with ed. 1) E I was at trang chính. I was 2) C Yes. I went there with my mom.


  1. B Yes. I ate a bowl of porridge.
  2. A No. My grandpa cooked
  3. D No. She

it. worked 6) F Yes. I

in the afternoon. stayed

  1. Write. Use the simple past.

in bed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  1. played
  2. were
  3. had
  4. was
  5. finished
  6. walked
  7. had
  8. washed
  9. watched
  10. cleaned

Page 30 Lesson Three

  1. Read and circle the time markers. Write Xuan’s diary. It was Xuan’s birthday last Saturday. Four days ago, she had her tiệc nhỏ. Two days ago she played in a basketball game at school. Yesterday she was at school and last night she had dinner in a restaurant with her family. Friday Saturday My birthday! Sunday Monday had a party Tuesday Wednesday played in a basketball game Thursday school, had dinner in a restaurant with my family Friday today
  2. Where were you at these times? Write sentences. Children’s own answers

Page 30 Lesson Four 1. Listen. Circle the correct spelling. 1) i_e 2) oa 3) u_e 4) igh 5) o_e 6) oo Listening 0 9 1. xe đạp bike 2. boat boat 3. flute flute 4. light light 5. bone bone 6. room room 2. Write a sentence using each word. Children’s own answers

Page 31 1. Order the letters and write the word. 1) gold 2) rhythm 3) dragon 4) boom 5) gong 2. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next lớn numbers 1–5. 1) dragon 2) gold 3) rhythm 4) gong 5) boom 3. Read the poem in the Student Book. Write T

(True) or F (False).

  1. T
  2. T
  3. F
  4. F
  5. T

Page 32 1. Write each word with ing. Use the double consonant rules. 1) walking 2) sitting 3) reading 4) getting 5) drawing 6) swimming 7) shouting 8) shopping 9) listening 2. Look at the picture and write the labels. 1) at the top 2) on the left 3) on the right 4) at the bottom 3. Read the mô tả tìm kiếm and write at the top, on the left, on the right, at the bottom. 1) At the top 2) On the left 3) On the right 4) At the bottom

Page 33 4. Look at the picture and write T (at the top), B (at the bottom), L (on the left), or R (on the right) of the picture. clouds T, audience B, band L, recorder T/L, clap B, drums L, bird T/ R, girls T/L , cheer B, stage L, sun 5. Describe the picture. Use the words from 4 and your own ideas.


Children’s own answers

Unit 5

Page 34 1. Read and circle the words below. 1) museum 2) dinosaurs 3) alive 4) dead 5) roar 6) scary 7) models 8) scream models alive scream museum dinosaurs roar scary dead

  1. Listen. Write the word from 1.
    1. museum
    2. Models
    3. roar
    4. scary
    5. alive Listening 10 Woman Hi Mark. How are you? Mark I’m great! I didn’t go lớn school today. Woman Where did you go then? Mark I went lớn the dinosaur museum. We went on a bus because it’s in the đô thị. Woman Wow! I want lớn go there. What did you see? Mark There were lots of models of dinosaurs. Some of them were really big and some of them had wings! Woman It sounds good. What was the most interesting? Mark I could listen lớn the dinosaurs roar. They all sounded different. Listening lớn the dinosaurs roar was the most interesting. Woman How did that feel? Mark Scary! But it was ok, they were only models. Woman Did you learn anything? Mark Yes, a lot. My favorite part was that the last dinosaurs were alive 46 million years ago.

Page 35 1. Read and match. 1) b 2) d 3) a 4) e 5) c 2. Look at the table and complete the sentences. 1) Class 5L went lớn a museum. 2) They didn’t buy postcards. 3) They heard old songs. 4) They didn’t make books about dinosaurs. 5) They didn’t eat ice cream. 6) Class 5P didn’t go lớn a museum. 7) They didn’t hear old songs. 8) They made books about dinosaurs. 9) They bought postcards. 10) They ate ice cream.

Page 36 Lesson Three 1. Read the question and choose the best answer. Match. 1) a 2) d 3) e 4) c

Girl Yes. Can I color them blue? Man Yes. Màu sắc them xanh lơ. 2 Girl What should I color next? Can I color a ball? Man Yes. Màu sắc the ball in the goal red. 3 Man Look at the board. Girl It says ‘four’ and ‘two’. Man That’s right. Can you write ‘goals’ between the numbers? Girl Goals? Man That’s right. It’s g-o-a-l-s. Girl G... o... a... l... s. Ok. 4 Man Ok. Now color the trophy. Girl What color? Man What color would you lượt thích lớn color it? Girl Purple, please. Man Ok. 5 Man Look at the team in the white T-shirts. Can you see them? Girl Yes, I see them Man Màu sắc the team green. Girl Ok. I’m doing that now. Man Have you finished? Girl Yes. Man It looks great now. Thanks! 2. Write.

  1. teams
  2. backpack
  3. sneakers
  4. jacket
  5. won
  6. kicked
  7. trophy

Page 41 1. Read and circle. 1) my 2) hers 3) yours 4) Her 5) mine 6) ours 2. Write. Use possessive pronouns. 1) It’s yours. 2) It’s mine. 3) It’s his. 4) It’s hers. 5) They’re ours. 6) They’re theirs. 3. Read the text. Choose the right word and write it on the line. 1) mine 2) yours 3) hers

  1. his
  2. theirs
  3. ours

Page 42 Lesson Three 1. Circle the adverb. Underline the verb that goes with it. 1) walked, quietly 2) cheered, loudly 3) watched, carefully 4) played, badly 5) played, well 2. Now answer the questions. Use adverbs. 1) They walked quietly. 2) They cheered loudly. 3) He watched it carefully. 4) They played badly. 5) They played well. Lesson Four 1. Listen. Complete the word with ll or rr. 1) be 2) mi

ll rr 3) che

or rr 4) she


  1. ca

ll rr 6) sme


Listening 13 1 bell bell 2 mirror mirror 3 cherry cherry 4 shell shell 5 carrot carrot 6 smell smell


  1. Write a sentence using each word. Children’s own answers

Page 43 1. Find and circle the words.

  1. invent
  2. court
  3. points
  4. basket
  5. bounce
  1. Write. Use the words above.
  1. court

  2. points

  3. basket

  4. bounce

  5. invent

  1. Read the text in the Student Book. Fill in the correct circle.
  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C

Page 44 1. Write ’ in the correct places. 1) This player’s bag is green. 2) Look at this bird. Its wings are really beautiful. 3) Jane’s team won at basketball. 4) The school’s new soccer team is playing tonight. 5) The boy’s jacket is red and yellow. 6) Do you lượt thích my new bike? It’s a racing xe đạp. 7) James Naismith’s new sport was named basketball. 2. Read the instructions and write. 1) sneakers 2) court 3) five 4) circle 5) points 6) basket. 7) outside

Page 45 3. Write the rules for soccer and volleyball in the correct boxes. Soccer: field, 11 players, mustn’t touch the ball with hands, 90 minutes Volleyball: court, hit the ball, ball lands on other side of the court 4. Choose a sport and write the instructions. You can use a sport from 3. Children’s own answers

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Review 2

Page 46 1. Read the underlined words. Write them in the correct boxes. Verbs: moved, cheered, find, bounce, bought, won Nouns: dinosaur, audience, skin, basketball, model, trophy 2. Write. Use the simple present, simple past, or present progressive. 1) Yesterday she ate sandwiches but today she’s eating

  1. I usually


go lớn the movie theater but today I’m going 3) Last week we

to the park. bought a kitten and this week we’re playing 4) I always

with it. make cakes with my mom and my sister, but today my brother is helping 3. Circle the odd-one-out.


  1. mine
  2. concert
  3. soup
  4. scream
  5. plants
  6. recorder Page 47
  1. How vì thế you vì thế these things? Answer the questions using adverbs.
  1. I run rẩy fast / slowly.
  2. I swim well / badly.
  3. I sing loudly / quietly.
  1. Read and complete.
  1. carrots cherri
  2. she

es ll 3) Tomo

s rrow doll 4) be

s ll mirr 6. When did you vì thế these things? Write sentences.


Children’s own answers

Unit 7

Page 48 1. Read, look, and circle. 1) map 2) go back 3) go straight 4) gas station 5) turn right 6) traffic lights 7) turn left 8) lost 2. Read again. Draw the route on the map.

Page 49 1. Listen and kiểm tra (✓) the box. 1) A 2) A 3) C 4) C

Go lớn the station. Go straight. Turn left at the gas station. 3. Now read the flyer again and draw the route from the station lớn the theater.

Page 53 4. You are going lớn an sự kiện. Choose the type of sự kiện from the words in the box. Then answer the questions. Children’s own answers 5. Write a flyer for the sự kiện and draw a map. Use your answers from 4. Children’s own answers

Unit 8

Page 54 1. Read and circle the words below. 1) soft 2) hard 3) cheap 4) expensive 5) comfortable 6) modern 7) repair 8) break modern expensive break hard soft comfortable repair cheap 2. Write. Use the words above. 1) broke 2) repair 3) modern 4) hard 5) comfortable 6) expensive 7) cheap 8) soft

Page 55 1. Circle the adjectives that have two or more syllables. comfortable, popular, modern, expensive, generous, relaxed, pretty, difficult 2. Look and read. Write yes or no. 1) yes 2) no 3) no 4) no

  1. yes
  2. yes
  1. Write.
  1. taller
  2. more generous
  3. younger
  4. friendlier
  5. more relaxed
  6. quieter
  1. Write about you.
  1. My easiest subject is...
  2. My most difficult subject is...
  3. The tallest person is...
  4. The shortest person is...
  5. My most popular friend is...
  6. My kindest friend is...
  7. My most expensive toy is...
  8. My most modern toy is...

Page 56 Lesson Three 1. Listen and draw lines. The green team – the best The orange team - better The red team - good The yellow team - bad The purple team - worse The xanh lơ team - the worst Listening 16 Woman How many teams does your school have Tim? There seem lớn be a lot! Tim There are six. They all have different color names. Woman Are they all good? Tim No, not really. There are three good teams and three bad ones. The green team is the best and the xanh lơ team is the worst. Woman What are the other two good teams? Tim The red team and the orange team. I play for the orange team. Woman Which team is better, the red one or the orange one? Tim The orange team. My team! Woman Oh that’s good. What color are the other two bad teams? Tim One of them is purple and one of them is yellow. Woman And which one is worse? Tim The purple team is worse phàn nàn the yellow team. They are still better phàn nàn the xanh lơ team though. Woman Ok 2. Which DVDs would you lượt thích lớn watch? Write them in order. 1) ... is good. 2) ... is better.

  1. ... is the best.
  2. ... is bad.
  3. ... is worse.
  4. ... is the worst. Lesson Four
  1. Listen. Complete the word with c or g.
  1. city
  2. cage
  3. rice
  4. giraffe
  5. stage
  6. dance Listening 17
  1. city city
  2. cage cage
  3. rice rice
  4. giraffe giraffe
  5. stage stage
  6. dance dance
  7. Write a sentence using each word. Children’s own answers

Page 57 1. Match the word with the picture. 1) c 2) b 3) e 4) a 5) d 2. Write. Use the words above. 1) enormous 2) lazy 3) share 4) worry 5) prepare 3. Read the text in the Student Book. Fill in the correct circle. 1) B 2) A 3) C 4) C

Page 58 1. Write the plural word. 1) feet 2) teeth 3) fish 4) people 5) sheep 6) women 2. Read the story of The Boy who Cried Wolf. 3. Where are these sentences from? Write them in the correct spaces above. 1) Once there was a boy. 2) They didn’t laugh at his joke. 3) The wolf ate all the sheep.

Page 59 4. Read and put the pictures in the correct order. 1) b 2) c 3) a 4) d 5) e 5. Write the story of The Girl and the Snake. Use the words from 4. Children’s own answers

Unit 9

Page 60 1. Read the sentences and number the picture.

  1. Write the correct word next lớn numbers 1–8.
    1. future
    2. astronaut
    3. travel
    4. rockets
    5. spaceships
    6. planets
    7. stars
    8. sun

Page 61 1. Look and read. Write Yes, she will or No, she won’t. 1) Yes, she will. 2) No, she won’t. 3) Yes, she will. 4) No, she won’t. 5) No, she won’t. 6) Yes, she will. 2. Write will or won’t. 1) won’t 2) will 3) will 4) will 5) won’t 6) will 7) will

Page 62 Lesson Three

  1. repair
  2. map
  3. lazy
  4. late
  1. Complete the sentences with had to or have to.
  1. had to
  2. have to
  3. had to
  4. have to

Page 67 4. Write the teams in order, best first. 1) The green team 2) The red team 3) The xanh lơ team 4) The orange team 5) The purple team 6) The yellow team 5. Write the words in the correct boxes. s says s: bikes, laughs, it’s, goats s says z: zebras, plays, he’s, animals s says iz: watches, foxes, boxes, noses

Unit 10

Page 68 1. Read and circle the correct word. 1) Luggage 2) passport 3) money 4) newspaper 5) departures 6) arrivals 7) magazine 8) passenger 2. Listen and kiểm tra (✓) the box. 1) A 2) A 3) C 4) B Listening 20 1. What should Khang do? Woman The plane’s landed now, Khang. Did you lượt thích reading your newspaper? Khang It’s not a newspaper, it’s a magazine. It’s about cars. I really liked it. Woman Good. Can you stand up now, please? Here, hold these bags as well. Khang Ok.

  1. What did Khang look for? Woman Do you have everything? Khang Yes... No! Woman What are you looking for? It’s not your passport, is it? Khang No. It’s my money. Oh! There it is. It was in my magazine.

Woman Good. I’m glad you found it.

  1. Where are they going lớn meet Khang’s dad? Woman Ok, Khang. We need lớn go and collect our luggage. Then we are going lớn meet your dad. Khang Is he meeting us in arrivals? Woman No, there are no chairs there, so sánh we’re meeting him near departures. Khang Ok.

  2. What area of the airport did Khang lượt thích most? Woman Did you enjoy flying? Khang Yes, although it was a bit boring just reading my magazine. Woman Oh, no. What did you like? Khang I liked departures. There were lots of things lớn see! Arrivals wasn’t so sánh interesting though, they just checked my passport and then we left.

Page 69 1. Write C for countable words and U for uncountable words. 1) C 2) U 3) U 4) C 5) C 6) U 7) U 8) C 2. Read the conversation between Hoa and her friend Quang about a trip lớn his grandparents’ house. Choose the best answer. 1) B 2) C 3) A 4) C 5) A 6) B 3. Write. 1) much 2) lots of 3) much 4) lots of 5) many

Page 70 Lesson Three 1. Write some or any. 1) any 2) any 3) some 4) any 5) any 6) any

  1. some
  2. any
  3. any
  4. some
  5. some
  6. any
  7. some

Lesson Four 1. Listen lớn the word. Circle the correct ending sound. 1) id 2) d 3) d 4) id 5) t 6) t Listening 21 1. waited waited 2. showed showed 3. played played 4. started started 5. washed washed 6. walked walked 2. Write a sentence for each word. Children’s own answers

Page 71 1. Look and read. Choose the correct word and write it on the line. 1) friendly 2) a journey 3) disappointed 4) fresh 5) unusual 2. Read the text in the Student Book. Fill in the correct circle. 1) A 2) B 3) C 4) C

Page 72 1. Write the address in the correct order. Draw a stamp in the correct place. Martha Lewis 472 Lincoln Street Boston 07842 2. Read the letter and write. 1) beach 2) plane 3) hotel 4) pool 5) vacation 6) head

  1. hospital

Page 73 3. Write an alternative sentence. 1) Dear Lucy, 2) I hope you are well. 3) Tell mạ your news. 4) Best wishes, Thi. 4. Write a reply lớn Lucy about your vacation or trip. Children’s own answers

Unit 11

Page 74 1. Read and circle the words. 1) shows 2) cartoon 3) advertisement 4) news 5) documentary 6) cell 7) control 8) channel control, cartoon, shows, cell, documentary, news, channel, advertisement 2. Write. Use the words above. 1) shows 2) cartoon 3) control 4) channel 5) documentary 6) cell 7) news 8) advertisements

Page 75 1. Circle the infinitives. 1) lớn watch 2) lớn eat 3) lớn help 4) lớn tidy 5) lớn say 6) lớn write 2. Complete the sentences using an infinitive. 1) I went lớn the living room lớn watch TV 2) She’s watching this documentary


to learn about spaces 3) They went lớn the park


to ride bikes 4) She used lớn dictionary


  1. We’re washing the vegetables

to look up words. lớn cook 6) He went lớn the supermarket


  1. Listen lớn a man talking about documentaries. Fill in the correct circle.

to buy some food

1) B

2) B

3) C

of show is it? What is it called? Add a line at the end lớn make people want lớn watch it. Children’s own answers

Unit 12

Page 80 1. Listen. Write the correct letter in the box. 1) d 2) f 3) c 4) a 5) b 6) g 7) h 8) e Listening 24 a. I love singing, so sánh we did this at my birthday tiệc nhỏ. b. At the tiệc nhỏ, I was a robot and my little sister was a fairy. c. My birthday present goes fast when I drive it around the room. d. I got ten of these on my birthday. My favorite one was from my sister. She drew a pretty flower in it. e. When it was dark, we went outside lớn see the lights in the sky. f. I blew out eleven of these yesterday at my tiệc nhỏ. g. I put them into the remote control robot to make it talk and walk. h. I had fun playing a game at the tiệc nhỏ. 2. Write. Use the clues from the pictures from 1. 1) sing karaoke 2) costume party 3) birthday card 4) go bowling 5) candles 6) have fireworks 7) remote-control car 8) batteries 3. Listen and write. 1) Lam’s 2) Ten 3) Races with remote–control cars. 4) Lam blows his candles out 5) A siêu xe and batteries Listening 25 1. Woman Hi Joe. Are your children miễn phí on Saturday? Man Yes, they are. Woman Oh good! It’s my son Lam’s birthday tiệc nhỏ. Man Oh, really? That’s wonderful!


Man How old is he? Woman He’s ten. 3. Man What are they going lớn vì thế at the party? Woman Well, it starts at two o’clock and I think we’ll have some races with remote–control cars first because Lam loves them. Man So does my son! 4. Man What time does it finish? Woman Well, I think most people will leave after he blows his candles out which is at six o’clock. Man Ok. 5. Man Should I bring anything? Would he lượt thích a car? Woman Yes, please bring a siêu xe. Do you have any batteries at home? I’m worried that the batteries for the cars will run rẩy out. Man Yes, I vì thế. I’ll bring them. Woman Thanks very much! That will really help. Man Ok, well I’ll see you then. 6. Woman Yes. See you on Saturday.

Page 81 1. Circle the correct khuông of the verb. 1) have 2) opening 3) play 4) dance 5) singing 6) blow 2. Look and write 1) Why don’t you 2) How about having 3) Let’s 4) Why don’t you 5) Let’s 6) How about inviting

Page 82 Lessen Three 1. Match 1) e 2) c 3) a 4) g 5) d 6) b 7) h 8) f 2. Listen. Màu sắc, draw, and write.

Listening 26 1 Man Hello Thi. Do you want lớn color this picture? Thi Yes, please. Man Ok, what would you lượt thích lớn color? Thi Can I color a girl’s T-shirt? Man There are two girls. Can you see the girl in second place? Thi Yes. Man Màu sắc her T-shirt xanh lơ. Thi Ok.

2 Thi What should I color now? Man Can you see the boy in fourth place? Thi Yes. He has đen thui hair. Man That’s right. Màu sắc his t-shirt red. Thi Ok. I’m doing that now.

3 Man Would you lượt thích lớn draw something now? Thi Yes, please. I lượt thích drawing. Man Ok. Can you see the dog? Thi Yes. He’s in first place. Man Draw a hat on his head. Thi A hat on a dog? Man Yes. And then color it red. Thi Ok.

4 Thi Can I write something? Man Ok. Can you see the boy in third place? Thi Yes. Man Draw a flag in his hand and write “Winner” on it. Thi Winner? Ok.

5 Man Would you lượt thích lớn color one more thing? Thi Yes. Can I color some shoes? Man Ok. Màu sắc the shoes on the girl in fif th place. Thi What color should I use? Man What color would you like? Thi Purple.

Man : Ok. The picture looks really good now. Lesson Four

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  1. Write the words in the correct boxes. ur: Thursday, nurse, hurt, curtain ir: shirt, circle, girl, bird
  2. Write a sentence using each word. Children’s own answers

Page 83 1. Find and circle the words.

  1. Look and read. Choose the correct answer and write it on the line.
    1. click on
    2. a mouse
    3. a subject
    4. an address
    5. send
    6. a message
  2. Read the text in the Student Book. Fill in the correct circle.
    1. B
    2. B
    3. A
    4. C

Page 84 1. Read the sentences. Write S (subject), V (verb), and O (object) above the words. S V O 1) I often use my dad’s new computer. S V O 2) Sometimes we send photos too. S V O 3) Lucy can go lớn the tiệc nhỏ. S V O 4) I’ve found a great trang web. 2. Read the invitation and circle the ordinal numbers. Circles round 10th, 23rd

Page 85 3. You are having a tiệc nhỏ. Choose the kind of party from the words below. Then answer the questions.