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used in compounds to lớn say that someone has a lot of a particular thing, or that something contains a lot of a particular substance:
If the style of something such as a piece of furniture or a building is rich, it contains a lot of decoration:
used to lớn describe someone"s opinions when that person has the same bad qualities as the person they are criticizing:
The principal"s criticism of the new exam system seems rich, considering it was he who demanded the changes in the first place.

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If the style or decoration of something, such as a piece of furniture or a building, is rich, it has a large amount of valuable and beautiful decoration.
The true appeal of the show, though, is the rich variety of themes that swirl up around its straightforward, even myopic focus.
But after a while when they sold so much that they became super rich và didn"t care much for social issues.
When it comes khổng lồ money, it"s not intelligence or education that holds back the average person from getting rich.
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basic medical treatment that is given to lớn someone as soon as possible after they have been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill

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