HOA taxes can be confusing. There are many unique tax considerations. So just lượt thích other entities, they need to bởi vì relevant tax planning in order khổng lồ minimize any potential tax impact. In this post we are taking a look at the differences between filing two different forms.

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HOAs have two forms khổng lồ choose from – 1120 và 1120-H. Form 1120 is used by C corporations while 1120-H is a tax form specifically designed for qualifying HOAs.

What makes HOAs quality is the ability to file two different tax returns and the ability to change those forms each year. For that tax year the rules of each of the respective forms will govern the tax criteria.

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HOA Taxes – Rules

When Congress enacted IRC code section 528 they reasoned that individual homeowners should not be taxed for carrying out functions that are performed HOAs. In this case that would be managing, & maintaining & carrying for the common property of the development.

Accordingly, the HOA should not be taxed on any of these activities solely because the homeowners have an association formed to carry out these duties specifically on their behalf.

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Steve Marica says

September 11, 2018 at 12:51 pm

What is the best size for a small HOA with annual income of $1,600 (all from HOA dues) to lớn file. The expenses are limited to lớn lawn care for common ground and liability insurance. After expenses, income is around $600.Thank you.

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