As far as I know "take too long " và "take a long time " are different. And I once read two examples on mạng internet they considered to be incorrect.As follows :

1)Let"s plan on using email to inform the client, because regular mail (takes a long time) .

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2)Please expect for the project to be completed by 2013 because creating an index (takes too long).

Correct Ans: 1) takes too long 2) take a long time

My question is, why those are incorrect? what"s the difference? Would anybody give me detailed explanations?

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asked Aug 21, năm nhâm thìn at 6:23

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Take a long time is an idiom, a special meaning of take referring khổng lồ duration of some event.

The train took a long time khổng lồ pass.

It"s one version of the sự kiện take Duration idiom

Making egg rolls takes all day ~ It takes all day lớn make egg rolls.

Take too long uses the same durational sense of take, but the too marks it as a Negative.Too Adjective means "so Adjective that Not S, where Not S is some negative outcome.

He was too sick lớn come. = He was so sick that he didn"t come.

Thus take too long means "take so much time that something is wrong".

The train took too long lớn pass.

means that it was slow, or it was late, or the drivers honked their horns at it, or the speaker was irritated, or something -- details are not always specified. But something was out of expectation.

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answered Aug 21, năm nhâm thìn at 17:52

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takes too long

can be used for a comparison of a single thing on its own or when comparing things (your first sentence)

Walking home takes too long. Let"s drive home, walking home takes too long.


takes a long time

is used khổng lồ describe the duration of a single thing (your second sentence)

walking trang chủ takes a long time

Sometimes they can be used interchangeably

Let"s drive home, walking home takes too long. Let"s drive home, walking home takes a long time.

both sentences have the same meaning.

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answered Aug 21, 2016 at 6:33

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