The NIH-funded UVA Nephrology undergraduate training program (supported by NIDDK grant 1 R25 DK124918) will provide an immersive research and education experience for technology-oriented undergraduate students khổng lồ participate in cutting-edge research in kidney diseases to generate innovative solutions for promoting kidney health.

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Overview & Target Audience

The VA K-TUTOR program will provide a rich environment to lớn inspire & recruit young talent to lớn foster innovative solutions lớn benefit the 40 million people in the US with kidney diseases. The VA K-TUTOR will be a partnership of the UVA Division of Nephrology, UVA School of Engineering và Applied Science, UVA College of Arts and Sciences, và Tech School of Engineering to lớn recruit và train undergraduate students for identifying problems in kidney research & finding novel solutions.


We are now accepting applications for Summer 2022. The application deadline is November 12, 2021. Full Program trang web (Link). For additional information, you may tương tác Charlotta Wriston.


Commitment to Diversity

The VA K-TUTOR program is fully dedicated lớn promoting diversity in STEM education and promoting the participation of all eligible candidates as outlined in the University of Commitment lớn Diversity.

Autumn is a rising fourth-year at the University of, majoring in Biokhansar.netical Engineering. She has always had a keen interest in research, specifically related lớn the human toàn thân and how it works. She has structured her educational goals khổng lồ match her interests, beginning with her application and acceptance into the Governor’s Health Science Academy at Cosby High School. She is looking forward khổng lồ learning from & working with instructors, mentors, and peers during the VA Kidney-Tutor Research Program. Autumn enjoys spending time with friends and family in her spare time và serving her community through various programs. In the future, she would lượt thích to pursue a career in the khansar.netical field.

Jackson is a Cincinnati, Ohio native and sophomore at Tech majoring in Biokhansar.netical Engineering. He loves playing và watching sports, tasting different teas, & exploring new places! Jackson’s future goals include studying human kinetics, inventing devices designed for injury prevention. He is passionate about being part of the fight against cancer.

Kaleigh is majoring in biokhansar.netical engineering & Spanish from Tech. She was born & raised in Ashburn, She is a member of the Society for Women Engineers, Order of the Engineer, and Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She is also an ambassador for the biokhansar.netical engineering & mechanics department, helping recruit new students to the major. In her miễn phí time, she enjoys spending time with family và friends.

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Ashwin is a rising fourth-year Biokhansar.netical Engineering student at UVA on the track. His research interests are diabetes và the use of biomaterials giải pháp công nghệ to create artificial therapies. In the future, Ashwin wants khổng lồ attend khansar.netical school & possibly become a cardiologist. In his spare time, Ashwin enjoys making music, playing basketball, and watching basketball.

Marissa is a Northern native và rising third-year at UVa studying biokhansar.netical engineering. She is extremely excited lớn have this incredible opportunity to lớn be a part of cutting-edge nephrology research. Outside of school, she is a volunteer EMT with the Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad, an avid baker, và a self-taught amateur crochet-er. In her không lấy phí time, you can find Marissa hammocking around Grounds, walking her sister’s dog, or hiking in the Shenandoah!