PLEASE NOTE: These steps vì not apply to Word for Mac, nor for Word for Windows except as noted here!

This is a continuation of TechNote 133…

If you have not first read and followed the steps in that article, please go to lớn TechNote 133 và go through the process described there.

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From the Office button, located at the top left corner of the Word window –
– choose Word Options.
Using the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the window, choose Word Add-ins and click the button labeled, "Go".

Note 1: If you're using MathType 6.0 through 6.9d, the first thắng lợi will be named MathType Commands 6 for Word.dotm.Note 2: Depending on your version of MathType, you may also see a 3rd tệp tin listed, named MathPage.wll. If this tệp tin is present, it should be checked too.
If the items from the previous step are not present, proceed khổng lồ the next step. If they are present, the "MathType Commands" item should be checked (selected) if you're using MathType 7 và later. If you're using MathType 6.0 through 6.9d, all items should be checked.
In the window, navigate to lớn one of these paths: C:Program FilesMathTypeOffice tư vấn C:Program FilesMathTypeOffice Support32 C:Program Files (x86)MathTypeOffice tư vấn C:Program Files (x86)MathTypeOffice Support32
You will see the following items in the folder (among others): MathType Commands 6 for Word.dotm (if not using MathType 7 or later) MathType Commands.dotm (if using MathType 7 or later)
Select one of them at a time, and click Open. This will bring it into the Add-Ins box. You will then need lớn click Add one more time lớn bring in the other add-in (either MathType Commands….dotm or

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If all 3 files shown above are now present, with a checkmark beside them, click OK. If MathPage.wll is not there, click Add, go to lớn one of these 4 paths (if the first one isn't on your computer, go to lớn the next one in order, etc.), change Files of type khổng lồ Word Add-ins (*.wll), click to select MathPage.wll, và click Open: C:Program FilesMathTypeMathPage C:Program FilesMathTypeMathPage32 C:Program Files (x86)MathTypeMathPage C:Program Files (x86)MathTypeMathPage32
Once you have them listed under Templates & Add-ins, the boxes on the left side should have a checkmark inside, but if they don't, click lớn place a checkmark there. Click OK. (For MathType 7 và later, it's only necessary for MathType Commands.dotm to lớn have a checkmark.)


If you have meticulously worked through this process và the MathType tab is still not on the ribbon in Word 2007, please write & let us know you've gone through the steps here, & you still don't have a MathType tab in Word. Please let us know what versions of Windows, Word, and MathType you're using, as well as your MathType product key.