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No matter if you work with desktop or website versions of Microsoft Office. MathType is compatible with Office 2021 (or earlier) và Microsoft 365 apps. Use MathType on your desktop, máy tính xách tay or tablet. MathType is compatible with Windows, macOS và iOS.

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Share your documents and presentations & collaborate with your colleagues, partners và students. MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 allows you lớn write & share math equations.



Create và edit math notation with your Office apps, desktop or web based. MathType is compatible with Office 2021 (or earlier) & Microsoft 365 apps. Available for Windows, macOS & iOS.


Easy khổng lồ use

Friendly user interface that provides the easiest experience from day one. Forget about having lớn have LaTeX knowledge to lớn write math.



Choose between different ways to write math equations và pick the most efficient for you, customize all you need to be faster and see how MathType integrates khổng lồ your workflow seamlessly.



MathType provides a perfect set of fonts & format settings for all your equations in high quality, no matter which environment you are using. All your documents will look professional & deliver high-level results.

MathType is available on the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint toolbars. Open MathType from any of these toolbars, type in the equation that you need for your document, và then close MathType; your equation will be inserted into your document, with the right font và format settings. Edit your equation as many times as you need.

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Features that make so easy lớn write math equations Copy or convert lớn LaTeX. Tabs designed with most frequently used symbols. More than 500 symbols lớn write any equation.
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