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Today Facebook got its new name. Well, more accurately, the parent company of Facebook got its new name—Meta.

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Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are now under the “Meta” brand name.

I love it. If anyone can get away with naming themselves Meta, it’s a giant like Facebook. This just cracks me up. It’s so meta that they would name themselves Meta. How much more grandiose can you get than Meta? I mean, just name yourself Universe.

They own the tên miền meta.com. Let’s take a look at the WHOIS record to see when meta.com was first created.


Haha. Oh man. This is it.

Meta Productions, LLC. Producers of Meet, Mix & Match™ và other events. Promoting awareness through metamorphosis.

So delightfully poetic and vague. So many questions.

What is “Meet, Mix và Match™”? Why does it have a trademark symbol? The homepage doesn’t look serious enough that they would have actually gone through the legal steps of trademarking a slogan. Is this a dating thing? A service for networking? Who is networking? Crazy meta professionals?

What is promoting awareness through metamorphosis? If I put a book under my pillow, the books contents will metamorphosis into my head? Or maybe given the “Meet, Mix & Match” slogan, maybe I’ll network with people via metamorphosis? Well, Facebook in 2021 might be into that concept.

The great use of large serif fonts across the page. This homepage doesn’t feel like 2008, it feels like 1998.

Update: I found some more information about Meta Productions. A business directory lists the following description for Meta Productions, LLC:

Meta Productions, LLC, was formed in 2008 with the goal of creating community, promoting awareness và personal growth, và providing venues where people can meet khổng lồ find other, like-minded people via Meet, Mix & Match™, và other events. The founder of Meta Productions, LLC, realized upon graduating from college, that there were no real venues for people khổng lồ meet, other than bars, church or other groups. None of those venues really worked for him. Meet, Mix & Match™ was his answer for a way that is non-denominational & is not affiliated with any particular group. People of all races, orientations, (non-)religions, or genders are welcome khổng lồ participate in the events & in Metamorphosis™ , a community website site that supports groups & discussions for any & all interests or persuasions. As a further goal, the company is involved with producing and promoting workshops lớn increase communications between people and support personal growth.

Ahh, so this is a site meant to help people connect with each other. Huh. Kinda… like Facebook today.

We know this is the same company that owned meta.com, because the business profile lists meta.com as the website address. Also, the business location is: 121 E 5th St, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588-2339. Storm Lake is a town of 10,000 people and home to Buena Vista University.

Meta.com has gone through several owners in its lifespan.

All since 2005, meta.com has seen several transitions:

A startup organization to lớn connect peopleA science search engine.Now the holding company for Facebook, Instagram, và Whatsapp.

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But what about before 2005? I’d love to know who bought the domain name back in 1991; và if there was a site on it back then.