The “Reboot & select proper boot device” error seems relatively self-explanatory: Restart your computer & select the hardware that your system uses lớn boot up. But what’s the best way to resolve this issue?

The “reboot and select proper boot device” error message that appears on the đen screen before Windows starts up, in most cases, is due khổng lồ one of the following causes:

Wrong hard drive selected in the BIOSWindows boot loader is not working properly or is not detecting the hard driveHard drive has a hardware error.

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The first step to solving the error is to lớn narrow down its cause. In most cases, the error can be fixed.

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Often a weak BIOS battery or an incorrect BIOS setting is the only reason that your hard drive is not being recognized and your PC won’t boot.

The BIOS (Basic Input đầu ra System) is the only software permanently installed on your PC. This memory cpu contains a program that recognizes the most important hardware components and enables the operating system to be started from the hard disk, a CD-ROM, DVD or a USB drive.

In the BIOS thiết lập program, you’ll see the option khổng lồ reset BIOS to mặc định settings. This is sufficient in most cases.If that doesn’t help, check the hard drives that are listed in the BIOS. Usually, a PC boots from the first hard drive. In the BIOS setup program, you can phối the order in which the hardware searches the drives for a boot sector. “Reboot and select proper boot device” or the “OS not found” error messages could also mean that there is no operating system installed on the drive from which your PC wants to boot.The BIOS automatically detects the connected hard drive và enters the appropriate hardware parameters. This process usually works well in most cases. If there’s an issue, the hard drive will be displayed in the BIOS with a kích thước that is obviously incorrect, and the drive won"t be detected in Windows at all. Most BIOS versions provide a so-called custom type on the hard drive so that you can enter the hardware parameters yourself. If you can"t find them directly on your hard drive, consult the manufacturer"s specifications.In some BIOS versions, it also helps khổng lồ set the system hard drive as the default boot drive & to disable the optional graphical boot menu.After making your changes, save the BIOS settings (usually by pressing the F10 key) and restart your PC.

If the BIOS is phối correctly & the PC still displays the “reboot và select proper boot device” error at startup, the Windows system repair options can help you repair the boot loader.

First, choose your language & click “Repair your computer” on the next page of the installer, since you don’t want to completely reinstall Windows.The troubleshooting option takes you to another dialog window where you can restore your PC to the factory settings. This is only necessary if all the other repair methods don’t help.You can choose “Advanced Options” for additional system repair options that will often help you get a damaged Windows system back up & running.If the boot sector on the hard drive is the reason that Windows will not start (a very common reason, by the way), the Startup Repair tool can be helpful.

Run Startup Repair until it finishes, which can take a few minutes, and then select Restart in the repair options. Remove the Windows DVD from the drive or disconnect the USB drive and then restart the PC.

Sometimes Startup Repair cannot fix this problem. In that case, you can write a whole new boot sector to lớn the hard drive. This method has been available as of Windows 8.1 và Windows 7.

With this method, you boot your computer from a Windows installation DVD, just like you did above. Choose your language & click “Repair your computer” on the next page of the installer.On the next screen, select “Choose an Option” -> “Troubleshoot” -> “Advanced Options” -> “Command Prompt.”Now type the following command: bootrec /fixmbrThis command writes a new master boot record to the hard drive. Next, type bootrec /fixbootThis command writes a new boot sector to lớn the disk in order khổng lồ replace a boot loader that may have been overwritten by an older version of Windows.Choose exit to close Command Prompt and select restart in the repair options. This time, restart from your hard drive, not from the Windows DVD.

If your hard drive has a hardware error, the problem might sound more catastrophic than it actually is. In many cases, the culprit might simply be defective connecting cables. Almost all modern PCs use a SATA interface khổng lồ connect hard drives. These cables are not made to lớn last forever. The tiny contacts of the connections get dusty or corrode over time, và even the slightest kink in the cable can cause your computer khổng lồ no longer recognize the connected hard drive.

Disconnect your PC from the power nguồn source. Then disconnect the SATA cable from the hard drive và motherboard, và clean the contacts with a lint-free alcohol wipe. Reconnect the cable & reboot the PC. Often this will solve the problem. Alternatively, you can try using another SATA cable.If you"ve ruled out the SATA cables as the cause of the error, remove the hard drive while the PC is turned off và try it in another PC. A hard drive that has a hardware defect in its boot sector is by no means unusable.Once you"ve installed the hard drive as a second drive in the other PC, you first have lớn set the boot order in the BIOS so that the PC continues to lớn boot from its functioning Windows system hard drive.When Windows starts up, the second hard drive appears as a new drive in the file Explorer, as long as its tệp tin system is still recognized by the operating system.Right-click the drive in the file Explorer, select “Properties,” go to the “Tools” tab và click “Check.”You can then choose the checks that you want to lớn run. Run a complete scan, including recovery of bad sectors.After that, try to back up as much data as possible from the hard drive. A hard drive with a hardware defect should no longer be used for important data. It’s highly likely that other sectors will also have errors in the future.If you were unable lớn resolve the issue using the repair feature in the tệp tin Explorer, right-click the Windows biểu tượng logo in the taskbar lớn run Command Prompt as an administrator and try to repair the hard drive with the chkdsk command. You stand a good chance of recovering data this way.

Replace the hard drive once you"ve successfully backed up your data.


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