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Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros.

In an earlier draft of "Fantastic Beasts," Jacob had afiancée, Mildred (played by Sinead Matthews, who "leaves him when he unsuccessfully returns from his bank meeting without a loan," according to "The Case of Beasts." She handed his engagement ring back lớn him và walked out.

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In that light, the relationship between Jacob và Queenie would be totally different. Jacob would still be a bit of a sad sack, but Queenie would become more of a rebound for him.

Director David Yates decided to cut the scene becausethe audiece "didn"t need a reason lớn fall in love with Jacob." He"s right!

A random electrician on mix provided the face of the barkeep elf in the Blind Pig.


Warner Bros.

At some point during the movie, the characters go to the Blind Pig, a speakeasy for wizards, to get some information about the escaped magical animals. There"s a bartender who serves Jacob some Giggle Water.

Because the bartender is an elf, its face had lớn be animated. To lớn cast the face, animation supervisor just picked a random electrician he saw on set.

"What a great face," animation supervisor Pablo Grillo said when he saw the electrician, according to lớn "Inside the Magic." "Paul looks quite good, doesn"t he?" he asked director David Yates. Yates told him to lớn ask if he could scan the electrician"s face.

"So they ended up scanning him in and "Paul the spark" became their bartending elf," Ian Nathan wrote in "Inside the Magic.

Visual effect supervisor Christian Manz joked that "he"s going to lớn dine out on that for a few years."Unfortunately, we only get to see half of Paul"s face. Elves are very short.

The original interior of Newt Scamander's briefcase was way too ambitious.

Warner Bros.

One of the early concepts for the interior of Newt Scamander"s briefcase was for it lớn be a mysterious, all-expansive "Eden-like environment," according to "Inside the Magic."

"With hints of the wardrobe from Narnia, the steps would lead Newt into a perfectly realized forest, and across a certain boundary you could see rolling waves & surf, & the horizon going on forever. It was an entire world."

J.K. Rowling pointed out, though, that "it would take a wizard more powerful than even Voldemort to create such a place." So the animation designers scaled it back, creating fewer habitats, making Newt"s magic seem more rickety.

"What we came up with was this slightly dysfunctional magic," conceptual artist Dermot power said."Newt loves animals so much he"s gone through great trouble of creating these worlds, but he doesn"t see his career as that. He"s just pleased the animals are happy."

The film's designers made several real front pages for the No-Maj newspaper.


Warner Bros.

One of the film"s subplots involves the Shaw family. Henry Shaw Junior, a thủ đô new york Senator, is the son of Henry Shaw Senior, who runs The thành phố new york Clarion, which seems to lớn be the equivalent of The new york Times.

The Second Salemers unsuccessfully try lớn get the Clarion to lớn run a story about how witches & wizards are real. The scene where they visit the paper"s office — & the scenes where the Clarion is displayed on newsstands — involve incredible detail.

The thiết kế firm MinaLima made "several front pages using The thành phố new york Times as inspiration, printing 30,000 copies with front và back covers, as dressing inside the office and on newsstands throughout the thủ đô new york set, with each edition featuring headlines and copy relating to lớn the events of that particular day," according lớn "The Case of Beasts."

While MinaLima made kém chất lượng headlines for the magical papers, they didn"t write body text for the stories. For the Clarion, they did. Each paper features fully-fledged stories on everything from the retail sector of the American economy khổng lồ the activities of totally invented politicians.

Moreover, the detail invested into the newspaper office was extraordinary. Warner Bros. Imported more than 80 bespoke desks from the United States onto the mix in the United Kingdom. Every single one of the journalists clattering away on typwriters in the background was given a title, và the drawers in their desks were filled with material for stories.

"If you looked at the desks you"d see a travel correspondent, one for science, one for culture, one for new york local news. On the theater reviewer"s desk, there"d be programs," designer Miraphora Mina said, according lớn "The Case of Beasts."

Colin Farrell plays Percival Graves, the head auror at MACUSA. Warner Bros.

Nope, not even one of the "Harry Potter" books. But Farrell, who plays the auror Percival Graves, said he was impressed by the magical world Rowling built in that script alone, and wanted to be a part of it.

Farrell told SFX Magazine earlier this year that he was a big fan hâm mộ of the "Harry Potter" movies.

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"There are a few films where they’re on the television, I just can’t turn them off, they’re just so comforting; and any "Harry Potter" series qualifies as one of those films," he said.