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How lớn fix Outlook Stop Indexing and tìm kiếm Result Incomplete Issue After June 2017 Updates?

Alvina Gupta❘ July 26th, 2017

Some of the Outlook users must be aware of the issues like Outlook search not working, Outlook Stop Indexing and search Result Incomplete Issue.

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Yes, These are the most common issue which Outlook users face update but this issue came into limelight after the June 2017 Security Updates for Outlook and Windows. Actually, it is not the Outlook search problem but there have been numerous Outlook issues reported after the July update.


You can check out the article which Microsoft has released

https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Outlook-known-issues-in-the-June-2017-security-updates-3f6dbffd-8505-492d-b19f-b3b89369ed9b?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&fromAR=1 rel=”nofollow”

But the most frequent error is Outlook stop Indexing” So in this blog, I have mainly discussed the easy technique khổng lồ resolve Outlook Stop Indexing. You just have lớn give a few mins readto this blog và yes at the end of the blog you will be able lớn fixSearch Result Incomplete Issue.


In early June, Microsoft has identified an issue with an update for Outlook. Outlook users encounter a fails when they tìm kiếm for messages, You get the incomplete results, or a with a message “something went wrong ” when you try to tìm kiếm for messages. This update has brought the fire on the internet. All the technical forums have been overloaded with this issue. Và people still could not get the right fix.

So for the user’s ease, I came up with this blog khổng lồ fix the issues likeError: Outlook tìm kiếm Not workingSomething went wrongSearch results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed,

Lots of Clients all over the world reporting that after installing Microsoft’s June 2017 updates, searching for email using Outlook is broken.

After the updates, When you vì a tìm kiếm in Outlook, instead of instantly showing the results, it pops up :

Something went wrong và your search couldn’t be completed.


Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed.

I have already written the blog to lớn resolve Outlook tìm kiếm Issue. There you will get all the solutions to get rid of all the Outlook search Problem.

To fix the issue Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed, follow the below steps Rebuild index Disable Windows tìm kiếm Uninstall the problematic update

For the detailed steps Rebuild index, and Disable Windows Search.

you can kiểm tra out the blog to lớn fix Outlook search problem

The main updates which were solely responsible for this major problem are

To uninstall the update, follow the below steps

Step 1) OpenControl Panel,

Step 2) Go toPrograms>View installed updates, & find the update listed above.

Step 3) clickUninstallbutton.


Once the update is uninstalled just restart the computer.

If you use Window Service Update Service to distribute Windows Updates, then you can mark the update for removal in Window Service Update Service so the update can be removed automatically next time when the user’s computer goes online and checks Window Service Update Service for new updates.

There are chances, that you may still need to rebuild the index after uninstalling the update. You basically need to lớn rebuild when Outlook still there are a number of items left being indexed.

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Hope with this blog you are able to fix Outlook Stop Indexing and search Result Incomplete Issue After June 2017 Updates.