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shout /ʃaut/ danh từ tiếng kêu; sự la hét, sự hò hét (từ lóng) chầu khaoit is my shout: đến chầu tớ khao, mang lại lượt tớ làm cho đầu tàu động từ la hét, hò hét, reo hòto shout at the top of one"s voice: gân cổ lên nhưng hétto shout for joy: reo hò vui sướng quát mắng tháo, thétdon"t shout at me: đừng quát tôi (từ lóng) khao, thếtto shout someone a drink: khao ai chầu rượu, thết ai chầu rượuto shout down la phản đối, la thét buột (một diễn giả) yêu cầu thôi nói





Từ điển Collocation

shout noun

ADJ. great, loud | low | faint, muffled | distant | sudden | angry, indignant | triumphant | raucous, wild | warning

VERB + SHOUT give, let out | hear I heard her warning shout too late. | be greeted with | give sb (figurative) Give me a shout if you"d lượt thích to come with us.

SHOUT + VERB echo, go up A great shout of excitement went up as she crossed the finishing line.

PREP. with a ~ With a shout of pain, he pulled his hand away from the hot stove. | ~ from There were shouts of laughter from the crowd. | ~ of

PHRASES a shout of anger/alarm/pain, a shout of laughter, a shout of victory More information about SOUND
SOUND: give a ~
The dog gave a low growl.

let out a ~ He let out a blood-curdling scream.

hear ~ We heard the peal of church bells.

with a ~ The vase fell to lớn the ground with a great crash.

~ of a roar of laughtera snort of derisionthe whine of an engine

Từ điển WordNet



utter in a loud voice; talk in a loud voice (usually denoting characteristic manner of speaking)

My grandmother is hard of hearing--you"ll have lớn shout

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

vb. To lớn use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis in email or a newsgroup article. Excessive shouting is considered a violation of netiquette. A word can be more acceptably emphasized by placing it between *asterisks* or _underscores_. See also netiquette.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

shouts|shouted|shoutingsyn.: hotline clamor cry howl scream shriek yell

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