A benefits-led partnership lớn achieve end-to-end integration

Partner with us to leverage our end-to-end systems integration capabilities and maximize your "Return on IT investments"

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Transform your enterprise

Leverage our consulting services tailored khổng lồ your industry & business needs

An Alternative Approach that delivers value

Get a fresh perspective & accelerate implementation, while reducing risks & costs associated with global deployment

With HCL, you get a fresh perspective và a unique capability. Our delivery mã sản phẩm integrates on-site business transformation consulting services with near and offshore technical development and tư vấn to make sure our clients receive the ideal systems integration solutions at the right price. Through the use of our offshore centers of excellence & systems integration services we are able lớn accelerate implementation, while reducing the risks & costs associated with global deployment. Business & IT transformation is a result of our quality capabilities lớn merge our onsite & offshore capabilities seamlessly.

Our benefits-led approach allows us lớn recommend the best tools và solutions lớn meet your needs, & incorporates best practices learned through years of complex engagements in systems integration consulting. We help you realize the true benefits of your giải pháp công nghệ investments by aligning IT service offerings with business goals and strategies.

HCL brings in-depth knowledge và expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. The combination of our services portfolio and our lean industrialized delivery mã sản phẩm sets HCL apart và provides exceptional value for our customers.

Our key competencies include –

Creative commercial models that allow for business-aligned and outcome-based contractsDeep enterprise application integration solutions capabilities and skills across key industry verticalsCapabilities of providing knowledge management consulting services khổng lồ leading global companiesBusiness application consulting capabilities through deep tên miền experience and technology expertiseGlobal labs & innovation centers dedicated to transforming ideas into real-world solutionsWorld class partnerships across our vi xử lý core capabilities

SAP Services

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Microsoft Services

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Oracle Services

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Quality Assurance và Testing Services

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