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Fill in the blank with the appropriate relative pronouns ( who, whom, which, that, whose or which )1. The boy ... Was on the bus with us was unhappy2. Do you know the meaning of the word .. Is underlined?3. The man ... Sat next lớn me on the bus yesterday is a doctor4. The xe đạp the màu sắc ... Is red is mine5. The volcano ... I read in a newspaper yesterday was the world's largest volcanic eruption in more than 50 years6. Who is the singer ... You like best?7. Phái nam is my friend to ... My mother is a famous designer.8. I lượt thích the book .. Is about dolphins9. The woman... You met at my house last Sunday is my aunt10. This is the most beautiful picture... I have ever seen

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1 who

2 which

3 who

4 which

5 which

6 whom

7 whom

8 which

9 whom

10 that

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I.Combine these sentences using relative clause.

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1. Here is the book.It is on wild animals.

2. These are the picture books. They interest the pupils.

3. Jack has many dictionaries. They are kept for reference.

4. The large room is the library. It is near the laboratory.

5. The long table is for reading. It is in the middle of the room.

6. The books are for reference. They are on the stacks near the librarian.

7. We saw the reader. The reader was reading a newspaper.

8. I met a man. His sister works in television

9. This library is không tính phí for the teachers staff. They come here to vày research.

10. A girl was injured in the accident. She is now in hospital.

11. I found a cat. The cat"s leg was broken

12. That is the woman. She kept this library.

13. This is the boy. I told you about him ( This is the boy whom/ that I told you about)

14. The man turned out to be my friends"s father. He sat next to me on the bus.

15. Ann is very friendly. She lives next door.

16. We stayed at the Grand Hotel. Ann recommend it to lớn us.

17. John is one of my closet friends. I have known him for a very long time.

18. Shiela is away from home a lot. Her job involves a lot of traveling.

19. We often go to lớn visit our friends in Bristol. It is only thirty miles away.

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20. The young man came to lớn see me about the job. His father used khổng lồ be my neighbour.