Vietnam"s Hoang Touliver talks about his journey from learning classical piano at a young age khổng lồ becoming one of the country"s most-sought-after DJs & music producers.

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For Vietnam’s Hoang Touliver, now a sought-after DJ & music producer, his journey lớn where he is today has been an epic struggle that started from ground “minus zero”: a country that did not understand the genre with no music-market viability, no monetization, no fans.


In 2010, when modern Vietnamese music was still very much underground and trying to find its way out, Touliver started SpaceSpeakers. He collected a group of like-minded music makers within the underground scene, and through that, it gave him an opportunity lớn produce some of his well-known hits with his teammates by creating remixes of songs such as “Ngày Mai” (“Tomorrow”), “Mr Right” and “Ngày mai em đi” (“Tomorrow You Go”), along with an amazing collection of hits he produced, such as “Gene,” “Em Ơi Cứ Vui” (“Oh baby just keep having fun”) & “Em không Thể” (“I Can’t”).

From then on, Touliver was on his way to making his impact on the Vietnamese music industry. Back in those days, khổng lồ sustain as a musician in the music landscape of Vietnam was both challenging & frustrating. Touliver described: “There were times when my work reached dead ends, and opportunities were few, it was a hard time then. However, I never gave up on my dreams. Music is my life, and I just cannot think of any other thing I would do.”

By working with different music influences, he opened his mind and the vision for his work. “When I was a kid, I would listen to lớn a tuy vậy and think about what went into its production, & then I would listen to lớn different genres… from classical, lớn soundtracks, lớn tech, house, khổng lồ just expand my horizons in music,” he shared.

Together with his classical piano training, the impact has shaped him. “Classical music helped me khổng lồ better understand the sounds made by various musical instruments, how they come together to lớn harmonize as one,” he explained. “I put a lot of effort combining rhythm with sounds against an electronic-based music background. Và the part I enjoy most is the explosion of different colors.”



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In the past few years, the Vietnamese music industry is emerging and has made leaps và bounds, shaping itself into an industry that has drawn multi-national record labels & global streaming platforms such as Spotify và Apple Music into the fabric of Vietnam’s music market.

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Touliver sees this as a positive indicator và the first step for Vietnamese music to step out to an international audience. However, he also said that in order khổng lồ appeal to lớn this audience, everyone would need to challenge their own standard, including himself, và to not give up on submitting their work khổng lồ artists and international labels. The producer supports the next generation of talent, sharing, “For young Vietnamese producers & artists… one’s work should always be a reflection of one’s personality, of who we are.”

With that, Touliver revealed his big plan for 2020: release an upcoming dance-music album. Excited about the new album’s production sound, Touliver said, “With the sound of modular synths, this time, I have invested much on the harmonies, melodies, electronic sounds & analogs.”

Humble and never forgetting where he came from, he intends to release the new music with the consortium he originally started with: SpaceSpeakers. As his star continues to lớn rise as one of Vietnam’s top DJs and an increasing demand from local & regional artists who want khổng lồ work with him, all in all, 2020 is expected to be a very busy year for Hoang Touliver, và we expect lớn see his name alongside other international names soon.